Our Programs

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights1.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

No Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issue is too small or too big to be left uncovered. We know the impact of one issue results to negative ripple effects in every aspect of women and girls lives.

Gender Violence, Response and Recovery2.

Gender Violence, Response and Recovery

We commit to alleviate the chances of violence in collaboration with response and recovery institutions, create awareness/advocate and lobby against different forms of violence, community sensitization on media including social media, arts, trainings. We cannot look at economic empowerment initiatives as a shield against poverty that is a risk factor for gender based violence and inequality.

Environmental Sustainability3.

Environmental Sustainability

Inaccessible clean adequate water and proper sanitation continue to disproportionately affect communities in Mathare and its environs. At least 15 people are treated of cholera every day, while 200 people are infected with typhoid. Women and girls bear the brunt burden of collecting water as well as managing it for domestic use.