About Us

The Poor Philanthropists is a Community Based Organization in Kenya’s second largest informal settlement -Mathare. We seek to identify the root causes of the challenges the community face and stand in the gap. Our approaches to social justice and development are Horizontal Philanthropy-we do not sit on top of a vertical relationships to determine solutions for the more vulnerable rather in a participatory manner agree on sustainable solutions to improve our conditions and the future prospects. Further, as Intersectional Feminists we address different forms of social identities that overlap to create discrimination and oppression to women and girls. We believe “Mkono moja uosha mwingine”, loosely translated to “one hand washes the other.”

mathare children

Our Mission

Create a legacy of long-term and recurring benefits objected against feminized poverty resulting from overlapping social identities by advocating for the rights of women and girls.

Our Vision

An open door to accessibility, opportunities and privileges particularly to those in dire need.

Our Values


We work jointly with individuals, schools, organizations (CBOs, NGOs and FBOs) and government agencies to advance our work through shared responsibilities, knowledge, skills and expertise.


Guided by the principle of Sustainable Development Goals, “Leaving No One Behind” our work challenges biases, stereotypes and prejudice that cause inequalities surrounding religion, political affiliation, health, ethnicity, /nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, drug use, occupation or gender identity. Our efforts are geared towards a community that shares differences and accepting other people’s features of everyday existence to create peaceful coexistence for personal growth and community development.


The numerous developments, human rights and environmental challenges in Mathare are overwhelming- one agent cannot do it all. Thus, our leadership is shaped by identification of strengths and interests, leading by example, practice steward, thinking forward, accountability, mobilization and mentorship